Our goal in planning massive living spaces and porches is to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors and receive inspiration from the view, every day of the year.


Architect: Yashar Architects

The place that we live, achieve and dream, is the place that influences the design and definition of our personality. With this concept, the Canada Israel Group decided to launch the revolutionary and challenging W Towers. The series of luxury buildings, located in the highly desired center of Tel Aviv – Park Tzameret, has led to a unique living experience.

מיקום: ניסים אלוני 6 תל אביב

אדריכל: ישר אדריכלים

מספר קומות: 46

מספר דירות: 164 יחידות דיור

Location: Nisim Aloni 6, Tel Aviv

Number of apartments: 164 יחידות דיור

Number of floors: 46

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