A young, lively and modern complex including glass walls and high and spacious areas


Architect: Gidi Bar Orian

Elifelet 26 is another non-standard project from Israel Canada , accenting its unique personality: out-of-the-box thinking, courage, expansive vision and breaking existing norms. The project is located in one of the most intriguing areas in south Tel Aviv, planned by architect Gidi Bar Orian including a visionary and daring design concept: a young and current residential complex giving its residents an exciting capsule living experience including everything that is urban, current and hip.

מיקום: אליפלט 26, תל אביב

אדריכל: גידי בר אוריין

מספר קומות: 13

מספר דירות: 103 יחידות דיור

Location: Elifelet 26, Tel Aviv

Number of apartments: 103

Number of floors: 13


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