The challenge of preservation with the healthy opportunity for a new entity have led us to create the unique, luxurious and thriving complex.


Architect: Gidi Bar Orian

Quiet and intimate or full of life? Exclusive luxury or authenticity? Everyone of us has our own unique personality, created by the choices we make. Among those opportunities, Israel Canada’s LIVE project allows its residents to choose which energy will shape their day. The complex was built as an authentic​ living space, exclusive and modern in the heart of the “Electric Garden”, which well encompasses the new and old urban complex, full of creativity, trends and energy. The living experience is intimate, quiet and isolated and at the same time around the corner from Rothschild Boulevard where everything hip, current and vibrant is located.

מיקום: הרכבת 16, תל אביב

אדריכל: גידי בר אוריין

מספר קומות: 5

מספר דירות: 74 יחידות דיור

Location: Hrakevet 16, Tel Aviv

Number of apartments: 74

Number of floors: 5

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