Architect: Ilan Fibco

The Sharon area has always constituted an area that has drawn in those looking for a high quality of life in a pastoral environment, without having to give up proximity to the center. In the heart of the Sharon, on one of the biggest land plots in the center, in a strategic location and unprecedented scope of planning, Israel Canada is building a new community concept – Blue. The luxury community, planned by architect Ilan Fibko, will be built from the first stages as a neighborhood with innovative living solutions, giving it all that is needed for a unique living experience. The neighborhood will include 1000 apartments, community services and educational frameworks, commercial spaces and entertainment venues, all located next to the expansive golf course and green, calm nature. The land is not available for construction yet, It’s your time to invest.

מיקום: קדימה צורן

אדריכל:אילן פיבקו

שטח : 960 דונם

Address: Kadima Zoran

Plot: Approximately 960 Acres

צרו קשר

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