The architect Pitsou Kedem is responsible for the unique design including varied and fascinating open spaces.

Pitsou Kedem

Architect: Pitsou Kedem

Israel Canada is initiating and completing an innovative living project in one of the most requested areas in the city. Ehad Ha’am Street is one of the oldest in Tel Aviv, housing buildings with historical significance including the Big Synagogue, Gimnasia Herziliya, and the building of the Securities Exchange. Parallel to the street runs the lively Rothschild Boulevard, a significant player in Tel Aviv’s unique personality.

מיקום: אחד העם 13 תל אביב

אדריכל: פיצו קדם

מספר קומות: 6

Location: Ehad Ha-Am 13, Tel Aviv

Number of apartments: 12

Number of floors: 6

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