The Israel Canada Group (the list of companies below, and any other company or group of companies added to the Israel Canada Group, will hereinafter be referred to, together, as the “Group”) respects the privacy of its customers in all the services it provided, including the websites and the landing pages it operates (hereinafter the “Website” and/or the “Group Websites”) and of the users who visit the Website or who use the various services it offers (hereinafter, together: the “User” or the “Users”).

Please read this Privacy policy before using the Website and/or the services offered and/or provided on the Website (the “Website Services”).

By using the Website and/or the Website Services and/or accessing the Website, you are giving your consent that you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and that the Israel Canada Group (“We”, “Us” and/or the “Group”) will collect your personal information and use it. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions stated below, you must refrain from entering and/or connecting to and/or using the Website and/or the Website Services. For your information, you are not legally required to provide this information, but agreeing to provide the information is a precondition for using the Website and the Website Services.

This Privacy Policy is worded in the masculine for convenience only, but it is intended for men, women and members of any gender.

  1. Consent
    You are not legally required to provide personal information. Therefore, you hereby agree and declare that the personal information you provide to Us is provided of your own free will so that we can provide you with the Website Services, and you also agree that we will keep the information you provided to us in a database for the purposes stated above. If you wish to remove your information from the databases as stated, you must notify the Group (or a party on its behalf) in writing in accordance with the provisions of any law. Users who provide their personal information in the “Contact Us” boxes on the Website hereby give their consent for their inclusion in the databases that are operated by the Group in accordance with the provisions of any law.
  1. Collection of Information and Its Use
    • The Group collects personal information that identifies a particular person or information that we can associate with an identified person with reasonable effort, and this information includes, for example, name, email address, mobile phone number and the like (“Personal Information”). For the avoidance of doubt, any non-personal information that by itself does not enable identification of a person, but which is related or linked to personal information, will be deemed personal information as long as this association exists.
    • The Group also collects anonymous and non-identifying information (“Non-Personal Information”). Non-Personal Information is any overt information that is available to the Group when using the Website and Website Services and which does not enable with reasonable effort the identification of that User and which the Group cannot associate it with an identified person, including the IP address of the computer or mobile/tablet device, anonymous information, the type of operating system and browser, the type of the User’s mobile device/tablet, the version of the mobile device/tablet, etc.
    • The information is collected by us independently or through services from third parties, which are service providers that we enter into contract with. The information is collected when you visit the Website, upload documents and use the Website Services.
    • You must provide only correct, accurate and complete information; the information is provided by the User knowingly and voluntarily during his use of the Website. Incorrect information, or failure to provide all the required information, may prevent you from using the Website Services, impair the quality of the service provided to you and prevent contacting you. If details of your information have changed, you must notify the Group.
  2. Use of the Information
    • We use personal information: (a) in order to provide you with the Website Services as well as contact and notify you about the Website Services and/or about additional services offered by the Group; (b) for statistical analysis and research and for adapting, developing and improving the Website and the Website Services; (c) if you have given permission to the Group, to send you advertising messages (including advertising messages pursuant to the Telecommunications Law (Telecom and Broadcasting), 5742-1982) and/or a newsletter, through email and/or text messages (SMS), as well as for contacting (generally or personally) the Users with direct mail in any media of communication for sending various marketing offers by the Group and by third parties that are business partners of the Group, such as advertising messages and/or other dedicated commercial offers, including through “cookies”; (d) to reply to Users’ queries about the use of the Website and to provide technical support services; (e) to comply with the law and to investigate complaints, suspicion of fraud or inappropriate behavior.
    • We use non-personal information for statistical, analytical, research and marketing purposes, and for adapting, developing and improving the Website and the Website Services.
    • You agree that the Group will keep the correspondence with you and that the Group may contact you about your query and the Website Services and that this correspondence is kept for purposes of customer service, management and service improvement.
  3. Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties
    • We may disclose personal information of Users to third parties in the following cases: (a) in order to comply with the requirements of any law, for the purposes of legal proceedings, orders, including disclosure orders or requests from governmental authorities; (b) in order to enforce this Privacy Policy or our terms of use, including in investigating possible breaches of the Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use; (c) in order to detect, prevent or otherwise deal with fraud, deception or for handling security and safety issues as well as technical issues; (d) in order to respond to requests for support and/or complaints of Users of the Website; (e) in order to protect the rights, property, or the personal safety of the Group, the Users of the Website or the general public; (f) in order to collect, hold and/or manage the personal information of the Users of the Website through third parties that provide services to the Group, as required by the business and operational needs of the Group, where these third parties may be located in a country with data protection and privacy laws that are different from those applicable in the State of Israel; (g) in cooperation with third parties for improving the User experience and for providing the Website Services; (h) on the express consent of the User before disclosure of the information; and/or (j) storing information in cloud services whose servers are located outside of Israel.
    • For the avoidance of doubt, the Group may collect, disclose and transfer non-personal information to third parties at its sole discretion.
  4. Subcontractors and Service Providers
    We may share your information with service providers and subcontractors that work with us and/or that provide certain services on our behalf in Israel and abroad, if required for the purpose of providing the service, improving it and for the development of additional services. We may also store information in cloud services whose servers are located outside of Israel. These companies are not permitted to share or use personally identifiable information that we provide other than for us or for the purpose of operating the Website, or for the products and services offered on the Website.
  1. Merger and acquisition
    The Group may assign and endorse its rights and obligations, including transferring your information, in the event of a sale and/or merger in which control of the Group and/or any of its companies and/or most of its assets and/or Website is transferred to a third party, including transferring the information within the Group and among the Group’s subsidiaries, even in the event of a change in the control of the company in the Group and/or the Group itself, provided that the third party succeeds the Group for all intents and purposes pertaining to the provisions of this Policy.
  1. Your Rights
    Subject to applicable law, you have the following rights regarding personal information:
  1. Information Security
    • We invest reasonable efforts in implementing and maintaining the security of the Website and the personal information of the Website Users. The Group implements on the Website systems that are intended to secure the information in the nest way in accordance with accepted standards and in order to prevent any unauthorized use of this information. While these systems reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion into the computers of the Group and/or parties on its behalf, they are not completely secure. Therefore, it is clarified that the Group does not guarantee that the Website Services will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them or the disclosure of the stored information by perpetrators of illegal actions. Therefore, if it is possible for a third party to penetrate the information kept by the Group and/or misuse it, the User will not have any claim or demand against the Group and/or any party on its behalf for this.
    • Also, in events that do not depend on the Group and/or any party on its behalf and/or in cases arising from force majeure (war, shutdown and similar), the User will not have any claim and/or demand for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, that will be caused to the User or anyone on his behalf, if any information he provided is lost or reaches a hostile party and/or is used without authorization.
    • The Group will act in accordance with applicable law in the event of any breach of the security, confidentiality or integrity of your personal information. If appropriate or if required by applicable law, we will notify you by email, text message or a prominent notification on the Website as soon as possible and without unreasonable delay, if this is consistent with (1) legitimate law enforcement needs; or (2) any means necessary to determine the extent of the breach and the restoration of the information system.
    • The Group limits access to your personal information only to individuals who need such access in order to process it for them and/or to perform their duties. These individuals will be subject to confidentiality agreements and to the duty of confidentiality stipulated in Section 16 of the Privacy Protection Law.
  2. Social Media
    • The Website may include features of social networks that enable integration with certain social networks or third-party platforms (“Social Media” or “Platform”). These Social Media networks and Platforms are created and maintained by third parties who are not related to the Group and/or are not under its control. If such integration with Social Media or Platforms becomes possible, your use of these social features will be subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the relevant Social Media or Platform. You must make sure that you have read and understood the terms of use and the privacy policy of the relevant Social Media networks, so you know what information is collected about you and about your options of changing your privacy settings in them.
    • If you do not agree to the practices specified in the terms of use of the Social Media networks or Platforms, do not allow our Website to contact them and/or integrate with them (in this case, take into account that you will not be able to benefit from all the offered Website Services). You must understand that if integration with a Social Media network or platform is enabled, the Group will may provide data about you to your contact persons (and vice versa) so that you can take advantage of the social features. These data may include your name and your profile picture on the Social Media network.
    • By using the social features, you agree and understand that the relevant Social Media networks or Platforms may collect certain personal information, such as your IP address and non-personal information and may even plant cookies and/or other Internet tracking technologies in order to enable function of social features. It is possible that the use of these features allows information to be shared with your friends or the general public, depending on your settings with the third party that provides the social features. Content shared through Social Media networks or Platforms may become public and others may re-post them.
    • Your access, use and reliance on the Website, Website Services or third-party content as well as any interaction between you and third parties is your own responsibility and you are solely liable for related expenses. You hereby agree that the Group will not be liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused (or alleged to have been caused) in connection with or as a result of the use of any service, content, product or other information available through the Website or the Website Services.
  3. Tracking Technologies
    • When using the Website and Website Services, we or third parties may use industry-accepted technology that is known as “cookies” and Flash and/or other tracking technologies whose operation ceases when you close the browser, or tracking technologies stored on your device (“Tracking Technologies”). We may also make use of our service and emails in web beacons to collect the information listed in the terms of this Policy. Web beacons, or “gifs” are tiny graphic files with a unique identifier that are embedded in web pages and are intended to help collect information about the viewing and use of the Website; they make it possible to send cookies and monitor the User’s use of the Website, which are generated from interest-based advertising by Google or other advertisers using Google Analytics code.
    • Cookies are used on the Website and the Website Services for its regular and proper operation, to collect statistical data about the use of the Website and Website Services, to verify data, to adapt the Website to your personal preferences and for information security needs. Cookies are text files that the User’s browser creates by command. Some cookies will expire when the User closes the browser and others are saved on the hard drive of the User’s computer or the User’s mobile device/tablet. The cookies can contain a variety of information such as the pages the User visited, the length of time the User stayed on the Website, from where the User visited the Website, information the User wants to see when entering the site, and other data.
    • These tracking technologies on the User’s computer and the User’s device enable the Group to activate certain features automatically, as well as facilitate and simplify the user’s experience of the Website and the Website Services. For the most part, third-party tracking technologies save non-personal information, such as the web pages you visited, the duration of the User’s search, etc.
    • Tracking technologies can be disabled. For example, some internet browsers enable Users to delete cookies from the User’s computer or device, block the receipt of cookies or receive notifications before cookies are stored. It is noted that if the User deletes the tracking technologies or does not allow their storage and/or if he changes the Flash properties, the User’s online experience through the Website will be limited. Deleting cookies means that the Website will not recognize the User on return visits and will not be adapted to the User’s preferences. Please refer to the instructions in your browser or the “Help” screen to learn more about these functions.
  4. International Data Transfer
    The Group may transfer information collected about the User, including personal information, to related entities or third-party service providers in Israel or other countries and jurisdictions worldwide. Please note that the Group may transfer information to a country and jurisdiction that does not apply data protection laws identical to those that apply in Israel, and you agree to the transfer of this information.
  1. Advertising Information
    If you voluntarily approve the use, you agree that we will use the details that you provide to us so that we can notify you about the Group’s services, marketing and/or advertising information (including advertising messages under the Telecommunications Law (Telecom and Broadcasting), 5742-1982), benefits and services of third parties that are business partners of the Group, which will be delivered to you via email and/or via text messages and/or push messages. You can withdraw your consent to email and text messages by sending a message to the address or you follow the instructions for removal from the mailing list, which appear in the messages sent to you. You hereby confirm that the Group has notified you that you can decline receiving such advertising.
  1. Termination of Contract
    Without derogating from any other right of the Group, in cases where the Group fears that the User’s use of the Website does not comply with this Privacy Policy and/or any law, the Group may track the User’s use of the Website, prevent the User from accessing the Website, or transfer the User’s behavior patterns of use of the Website to third parties that will prove, to the Group’s satisfaction, that it is harmed by the User’s infringing activity as well as any other action it deems appropriate for to protect its property and/or its rights.
  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy
    • The provisions of this Privacy Policy are an integral part of the Website and the information collected therein. The Group reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and requests all Users to visit this page as often as possible. We will notify you of any material changes to this Privacy Policy by posting a prominent notice on the Website and/or by email.
    • The changes in the Privacy Policy will enter into force on the date of the last update of this Privacy Policy. The continued use of the Website and Website Services after the date of the last update will constitute the User’s consent that the changes are binding on him. If the Privacy Policy is amended to comply with any legal requirement, the amendments may enter into force immediately, or as required by law, and without any prior notice.
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Last updated on March 10, 2022