With a white facade and meticulous planning allowing natural light to enter, the residents are able to enjoy a workspace surrounded by light with an impressive view of the sea together with ultimate energy savings.


Architect: Yashar Architects

Herzilya Pituach is considered one of the strongholds of the Israeli hi-tech industry, where the headquarters of breakthrough technology companies are located alongside leading international companies. The industrial area of Herzilya Pituach, located next to the coast, is one of the most developed in Israel including restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, commercial centers and entertainment and leisure facilities operating day and night.

מיקום: המנופים 2, הרצליה פיתוח

אדריכל: ישר אדריכלים

שטח: כ- 16 אלף מ"ר

מספר קומות: 8

Location: Hamenufim 2, Herzilya Pituach

Plot: כ- 16 אלף מ"ר

Number of floors: 8

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