We’ve created a vibrant urban space combining various uses, with the main source of inspiration being the experience for pedestrians enjoying alleys, public squares and green spaces


Architect: Professor Moshe Tzur

New York, London, Tokyo and Tel Aviv. Each of these developed cities has a reason they’ve been deemed as leading cities of the world: the Midtown – city center. The place where all of the action takes place, the center of business transactions, where the national cultural centers are located and hosting unlimited entertainment options providing a sense of proximity and belonging. In this groundbreaking project, Israel Canada has created Midtown residence in a “mixed-use development”, an important milestone in the Israeli real estate development.

מיקום: מנחם בגין 144, תל אביב

אדריכל: פרופסור משה צור

מספר קומות: 50

מספר דירות: 337 יחידות דיור

Location: Menachem Begin 144, Tel Aviv

Number of apartments: 337

Number of floors: 50

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