Architect: Tatro Shahar

ICR Company from Beth Israel Canada and Ram Magorim, an Israeli real estate company that thinks differently. We seek to connect internationalism with the Israeli quality of life and create a new residential concept that knows how to distill quality of life with the help of today’s knowledge and capabilities. Residence by the sea, in the future city of Netanya. The international wellness standard The project common areas are designed at the highest level, a bright and bright, open and high luxurious lobby that is an inviting space with a minimalistic and quiet quality.

מיקום: המסדה, פארק הים, נתניה

אדריכל: טטרו שחר

מספר קומות: 31

מספר יח"ד: 117

Location: Park Hayam, Netanya

Number of apartments: 117

Number of floors: 31

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