Israel Canada - The Innovative Leader in Real Estate Development & Investments

For over two decades, Israel Canada Group fearlessly designs the complex urban fabrics of prominent, high-demand central hubs of Israel and diverse areas of the world. Our strategic methodology and approach to selecting exclusive land and properties to develop worldwide brings a proven track-record of success – both in architectural innovation and in profitable investments. Israel Canada’s impact in the market resonates in the real estate industry with a mark of distinction and a thriving reputation for years to come.

Projects & Developments:

Our Portfolio At a Glance

When Israel Canada hand-picks land and properties to carefully develop or upgrade for profitable investment opportunities, our team applies their collaborative sense of insight, creativity, knowledge, ethics, and looks into the future. To us, identifying golden opportunities for growth and generating a community of satisfied customers means much more than construction, architectural design, and the basic elements of property development. We create projects to ensure results, the ultimate level of satisfaction, all to strengthen our position as leaders and innovators in the competitive international real estate market.

From the prestigious series of Israeli skyscrapers we developed in Tzameret Park, to a unique conservation project on Rothschild Street in the colorful, buzzing, and urban cosmopolitan of Tel Aviv, we are known for our excellence in planning and execution.

Other projects supporting our reputation for impressive industry leadership include, but are certainly not limited to:

Our portfolio is vast and truly unmatched, in quality, precision, output and investor satisfaction. Dozens of real estate initiatives position us as authentic frontrunners of profitable real estate investment projects and developments, both in Israel and internationally.

Subsidiaries: Sister Companies of Israel Canada

ICH - Israel Canada Hotels

n 2019, Israel Canada Hotels (ICH) was established to generate additional revenue and business development opportunities with informed investments in the hotel and hospitality properties in Israel. While stepping into a new niche meant adapting to the various administrative and operational processes unique to the vertical, our team successfully implemented workflows and procedures, always keeping our goal to innovate and succeed at heart.

Neve Aviv - Subsidized Housing

Israel Canada is a company with an ethical soul and consciousness. When the opportunity came to help third generation residents of Israel with subsidized housing developments, we seized it and established our sister company Neve Aviv. Our objective is always putting people first. For residents of maturing age, we understand and appreciate the importance of reinforcing their integrity with quality of life.

ICR - Israel Canada and Ram Residential Projects Incorporated Join Forces

CR, a company that developed from a strong collaboration between Israel Canada and Ram Residential Incorporated, is one of the leading real estate entrepreneurial initiatives in the Israeli market. With over three decades of proven experience and a solid track record of milestones backing the partnership, we dominate the local residential project development market.


CityHall is an initiative established and born out of the need to manage some of Israel Canada’s exclusive properties, with each one delivering a truly remarkable and unique customer experience. These developments are founded with a strong strategy that supports the ongoing satisfaction and critical value they deliver, based on our “Better Different” strategy and methodology. With CityHall, we zoned in on strengthening our brand reputation and the incomparable value these properties and assets bring to buyers and investors.