Tel Aviv, the metropolitan center of culture, business, leisure, culture and cuisine in Israel, is changing its ways, opening up and developing with each year that passes. As a trade, communications, business, employment and technology center, Tel Aviv hosts the largest workforce in Israel including hundreds of thousands of people arriving within its borders every day. Israel Canada’s Midtown Work is a luxurious and impressive skyscraper, that has become a central icon in the city’s business center, as a central part of the groundbreaking mixed-use development the company has built.

Location: Menachem Begin 144, Tel Aviv

Number of floors: 50

Plot: 75,000 square meters

Architect: Professor Moshe Tzur

We’ve created a vibrant urban space combining various uses, with the main source of inspiration being the experience for pedestrians enjoying alleys, public squares and green spaces

Moshe Tzur

The building climbs to 197 meters tall and includes 50 floors, planned by Professor Moshe Tzur in a modern style and offers its workers a rare mix of offices in various sizes, modular work spaces and a developed commercial area. The inspirational skyscraper is in a winning location: between the train lines and light rail, next to the major transportation hubs and walking distance from courthouses, the Diamond District and major commercial centers. Midtown Work is a groundbreaking mixed-use development, completing the mosaic of urban life, including the residential building of Midtown, a recreation and commercial center, community areas including day care centers, a central square and sports hall.