Rothschild Boulevard is the beating heart of Tel Aviv, the place where cultural centers, cuisine, economy and the hypnotizing Tel Aviv experience come together, making the city unique and one of the liveliest cities in the world. In the center of the boulevard, Israel Canada has built Rothschild 17 – an inspiring project connecting old to new in one rare, harmonious connection

Location: Rothschild 17, Tel Aviv

Number of floors: 18

Number of apartments: 64

Architect: Yashar Architects

With complicated and groundbreaking architectural planning, we’ve combined a Bauhaus structure with a breathtaking residential building.

Yashar Architects

The preservation process of the house was one of the most impressive ever seen in Tel Aviv, including complicated logistics such as taking apart the complete home, storing its parts and building it again after completing the building. Above these homes, the company created a residential building with 18 floors, with exceptional architectural planning led by Yashar Architects. The building has 64 luxury lofts, spacious living spaces, spa and fitness center.