Between the Coastal Road (number 4 road) to the Lanes of the Ayalon; between Tel Aviv, Herzilya and Ramat Hasharon, between the racing heartbeat of Tel Aviv to the pure beaches, the new North Tel Aviv is being built. After decades of anticipation, the historical area of Glilot has developed a new and exciting life of its own, with future plans to clear out the industrial and military zones to make way for a living experience unlike anything else, on one of the most in-demand land plots in Israel today.

The massive project is expected to be built on a plot of approximately 2000 dunam including thousands of apartments, commercial and industrial spaces, entertainment areas and a train station. Recently, an important and meaningful step has been taken in the process, with the dismantling of P. Glilot Company by the Israeli Land Authority and the submission of plans for the phases of objection by the Planning and Building Committee of Tel Aviv. These activities show the beginning of the process to receive approvals, division of land and building permissions.

Israel Canada has already shown its ability to recognize significant opportunities in attractive locations with impeccable timing and its ability to obtain profitable results for its investor clients. Israel Canada’s UPTOWN is one of the most promising and forward-thinking projects to be built in Glilot and one of the most worthwhile investments in today’s real estate market.  The upscale neighborhood will include thousands of apartments, commercial and real estate areas and public spaces for the residents use and pleasure, all built at the highest standards as is typical of the company. The land is not available for construction yet, It’s your time to invest.