Israel Canada has chosen time after time to leave its mark on the most strategic, desirable and profitable locations. This time: Shaul Hamelech Boulevard in Tel Aviv. This major boulevard connects between the two ends of the city and includes public buildings of major historical significance including the Tzavta Club, London Ministore, museums, the National Theater and the Jewish Agency. The street holds significance in the law field due to the location of the city’s courts as well as a large number of law firms. In a comprehensive and impressive deal, Israel Canada Group purchased ‘Israel Canada Tel Aviv House’ AKA ‘Beit America’ – a 13 floor office building housing law firms and other professionals’ offices. Located at the front of the building are vibrant commercial spaces and at its base an extravagant lobby.

Location : Shaul Hamelech Boulevard 35, Tel Aviv

Architect: Eldar Sharon and Arieh Sharon