Tel Aviv’s Old North neighborhood has always been considered an attractive location for those who appreciate a high quality of life, centered in a prestigious and quiet environment. The sea views, proximity to the Hayarkon River and the abundance of entertainment, cultural and culinary attractions, next to “Giminasia” High School have given the area the status of one of the most desired in Israel both in the past and today

Ben Shaprut 6 Tel Aviv

Number of floors: 29

Number of apartments: 108

Architect: Yashar Architects

A unique urban boutique project, in which spacious spaces were planned, and open balconies facing the Mediterranean skyline

Yashar Architects

108 beautiful and expansive urban apartments provide a comfortable and spacious living situation including magnificent penthouse apartments with breathtaking views of the sea. All of the apartments enjoy state-of-the-art equipment and accessories, large porches and architectural planning of the highest degree. All tenants have access to the swimming pool, gym, private spa, and security throughout all hours of the day.