From time to time, Israeli real estate opportunities arise whose unprecedented success is written in the pages of a company . The Blue neighborhood, located on one of the most impressive beaches in picturesque Atlit, is proof of Israel Canada’s ability to identify opportunities and to bring out their full potential for their clients’ ultimate enjoyment.Isr

Location: Atlit

Number of homes: 147

Plot: 47 Acres

Atlit, considered since the olden days an important and thriving commercial and cultural center, attracts a young and high quality population looking for a high standard of living, excellent education, a strong community and mostly, shares a love to the ocean. 

The Blue neighborhood gives its residents a living experience like no other: on the pure coastline, a stone’s throw from the pastoral bay are 147 living quarters with exquisite planning by a leading architecture firm. Each of the apartments is built with modern and rich specifications, ground level balconies that connect the individual to the sea, all in highly developed surroundings including new roads, parks and public spaces.